Pet Surgery at Avery Animal Hospital


We, at Avery Animal Hospital, do a number of different surgeries that may be of necessity to your pet at some point in it’s life. Four of our five doctors preform surgery Monday through Thursday on a weekly basis. We strive to make the experience as safe and informative for both you and your pet in an attempt to keep as little stress involved with the procedures as possible. 

One of the best ways to keep anesthesia and surgery safe for your pet is to  have a full picture of health before we begin the procedure. Blood work is a great tool to help determine the safety and health of your pet prior to any surgery scheduled. Please clink on this link to learn about what all is involved the blood work we run and the importance within its results. 

Moving forward with the safety aspect of surgery, we take special measures to follow the health of your pet from the time they are injected to the time they  are walking out the door to go home with you. When they are dropped off for their procedure, a Technician will  take a detailed history to make sure there are no hidden risks. They are given physical exams by the surgical technicians prior to any anesthesia and then given a weight appropriate dose of medication to help make anesthesia run smoothly and reduce anxiety. While they are under anesthesia they are connected to a monitor that records heart rate, respirations rate, temperature, blood pressure, specific blood oxygen levels and they have a weight appropriate rate of fluid therapy running the whole time.

Types of Pet Surgeries

Although we do many types of surgeries at Avery Animal Hospital there are some we leave to the Veterinary surgeons who are Board Certified in particular fields of study such as specialized surgery. Common surgeries we perform are, Spays, Neuters, Declawing, Soft Tissue surgeries and various other minor surgical procedures. If you ever find your pet in need of a procedure that may be surgical we are always willing to meet with your during an appointment to review the problem and set up an appropriate treatment plan for your pet! 

Here are a couple links to give you more information reguarding surgery and your pet
 Canine –
 Feline –

Pet Surgery at Avery Animal Hospital

If you are considering veterinary surgery for your pet, please contact us at (614) 876-5641 to schedule a consultation with your Avery Animal Hospital veterinarian.