Pet Annual Exams Available at Avery Animal Hospital

Pet Wellness Exams

Physicians routinely recommend blood tests to identify potential illnesses as early as possible in persons who appear perfectly healthy. Avery Animal Hospital is committed to helping each of our patients live a longer, healthier life. We believe wellness testing in our patients is as important as in humans, enabling us to identify problems in the very early stages, when the chance of recovery is much higher.

What Are Pet Wellness Exams?

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Routine blood screens or “wellness exams” conducted when your pet is healthy are very helpful to the veterinarians. They allow us to establish a baseline of your pet’s “normal” values, and over time to identify developing trends. In many cases, if a condition is diagnosed before your dog or cat’s condition deteriorates significantly, we may be able to either successfully institute treatment or slow the progression of chronic disease. We, therefore, recommend your pet undergo a thorough annual wellness exam at least once a year, and wellness blood testing be performed as well. In the case of our canine patients, they are most likely already having blood drawn for an annual heartworm test, so the wellness screen can be performed at the same time.

Q: What tests are included in a wellness screen?

A: A wellness screen includes a complete blood count (CBC), a Chemistry 6 panel, and electrolytes. The CBC assesses the red blood cells for signs of anemia, the white blood cells for infection or certain cancers, and the platelets for clotting abilities. The Chemistry 6 evaluates the liver, kidneys and protein levels, and screens for diabetes. If abnormalities are found on our physical exam or the wellness screen, further testing may be recommended, including more extensive blood tests, radiographs, a urinalysis, blood pressure check, or ECG.

Q: Are there certain risks for my pet due to his/her breed?

A: Any disease can affect your pet, but some breeds or body types are predisposed to certain diseases. Your pet’s individual makeup may therefore influence which tests you and the veterinarian decide are indicated. We are happy to discuss this, as well as any concerns you may have, during your appointment.

Pet Wellness Exams at Avery Animal Hospital

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