Weight management for your pet

Weight Management

Our veterinarians and technicians can provide you with the information and tips to start a successful weight loss plan for your dog or cat. We are available to evaluate your dog’s diet and caloric needs.

Certain diseases and metabolic processes can inhibit weight loss or cause weight gain. If you are feeding and exercising your pet properly, but your pet is not losing weight, we may need to consider further diagnostic evaluation. Please consult with your veterinarians or technicians prior to starting a weight loss plan for your pet.

Common Questions about Pet Obesity

Approximately 40% of all Americans are obese. Not surprisingly, this same statistic now applies to our pets. Obesity leads to several diseases both in pets and people. Diet and weight reduction are the key to ensuring your pet lives as long and healthy as possible.

What is obesity?

Obesity is defined as weighing more than 30% of the ideal weight. With humans, this is fairly straightforward and can be determined by consulting weight and height charts. Dogs and cats are often diagnosed as obese by a combination of weight charts and body scoring. A simplified form of body scoring follows:

1. Emaciated 2. Thin 3. Optimal 4. Fat 5. Obese
thin cat
optimal cat
fat cat
obese cat

How do I know if my dog is overweight?

Most overweight dogs are less active and do not play as much as normal dogs. These pets may be reluctant to climb stairs or jump into cars and often pant excessively after very minor exertions.

What is the cause of obesity?

Obesity is the accumulation of excess energy stored as fat. It occurs when your pet takes in more calories than it needs and expends.

I had my dog neutered/spayed. Do you think this caused the problem?

It is very unlikely that neutering caused your pet’s weight problem.

My dog can’t be obese because he only eats a small amount of food each day.

Obesity often develops subtly. We think we are feeding our dogs only small quantities of food, but tend to forget the treats and table foods, which add calories and result in weight gain.

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