Dog and a puppy laying together

Canine 101

Our Canine 101 serves as an orientation for puppy preschool as well as an informative video for all dog owners.
Anyone who owns a dog or may be looking into getting a dog/puppy should watch the video .

In this video we will go over canine developmental periods, proper puppy socialization, canine body language, common problem solving tips and appropriate interactions.

**New Puppy 101 video coming soon! Our new times for puppy preschool are Thursday at 7:30 to 8:30pm.

Puppy Classes at Avery Animal Hospital

Please email Peyton Nichols if you are interested in puppy classes or have any questions at [email protected]. Please include your puppy’s name, DOB, date of last Bord/Distemper, and your phone number.

If you’re interested in any other services, please contact us or Make An Appointment today.