Christmas Safety Tips for Pets

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be stressful on our pets. The following suggestions might help you and your pets enjoy the holiday season.

  1. Loud noises or unfamiliar faces may spook your pet. Designate a quiet and secure room away from the crowd.
  2. Crating or confining your pet when you are unable to be with him will eliminate behavior problems when you are not there.
  3. Some pets get upset by major schedule changes. Trying to maintain normal feeding, exercise, and sleeping patterns may help reduce stress for all.
  4. More pets are lost during winter than any other season. Doors will be opened more often during the holidays so make sure your pet is microchipped and/or has a current tag on his collar.
  5. Consider adding some new or extra enrichment toys to redirect your pet’s attention away from Christmas trees or decorations.

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