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Vaccine Information

Puppies and Kittens

Vaccination is a critically important part of a preventative veterinary medicine focused on keeping your pet healthy and happy. Contagious diseases remain present within our pet population, and some can be life threatening to a pet that becomes infected, and in some cases, to their owners. The single best way to protect our pets is through vaccination.

Recent advances in vaccine technology and studies of vaccination duration have allowed the veterinary community to reevaluate our vaccination recommendations. In accordance with the American Board of Feline Practitioners and the American Veterinary Medical Association's new recommendations, Avery Animal Hospital has made some changes to our vaccine protocols. As a pet owner, you may see changes in the vaccines recommended as well as the frequency of administration of some of those vaccinations.

Avery Animal Hospital will work closely with you to evaluate your pet's lifestyle so that we may develop an individualized plan best suited to them. Our goal is to provide appropriate protection for your pet while minimizing their exposure to unnecessary vaccination. We will recommend some vaccines for all patients ("CORE"), while others will depend on your pet's risk of exposure ("NON-CORE").

Find out more aboout vaccines here:

For our canine patients:

CANINE INFLUENZA : 1-year duration
Similar to a respiratory flu in people, this is a highly contagious respiratory disease that can lead to serious secondary infections in some patients. Recommended for all dogs which have contact with other dogs, particularly those that go to a groomer or kennel and dog parks. this is a NON-CORE vaccine.

Learn more about Canine Influenza here.

RABIES: 1-year or 3-year duration
This is a fatal disease to both animals and humans. Vaccination is required by law, and it is a CORE vaccine.

These are very serious, potentially fatal, highly contagious diseases. All dogs should be protected, therefore it is a CORE vaccine.

Similar to a respiratory flu in people, this is a highly contagious disease. Recommended for all dogs which have contact with other dogs, particularly those that go to a groomer or kennel. this is a NON-CORE vaccine.

LEPTOSPIROSIS: 1-year duration
Leptospirosis is a serious pathogen that can lead to acute kidney failure in both humans and dogs. Vaccination is recommended for all dogs that have outdoor exposure since the disease severity may be significantly decreased in a vaccinated dog. It is NON-CORE.

Recommended for dogs that travel to high-risk areas and spend time out of doors (New England, Pennsylvania, West Virginia). It is a NON-CORE vaccine.

For our feline patients:

RABIES: 1-year or 3-year duration
This is a fatal disease to both humans and animals. Vaccination is required by law. There is now a non-adjuvented 1-year rabies vaccine available for cats. Cats will very rarely develop malignant tumors associated with vaccine administration, and this risk is largely eliminated with the use of non-adjuvented vaccines. Therefore, Avery Animal Hospital recommends the 1-year rabies vaccine for all cats. The 3-year /adjuvented vaccine will continue to be available if you prefer that option. It is a CORE vaccine.

Panleukopenia is a dangerous, highly contagious virus in cats, while calici and rhinotracheitis account for many of the upper respiratory infections that plague cats. CORE vaccine

FELINE LEUKEMIA: 1-year duration
This is a fatal virus that suppresses the immune system and causes anemia. Kittens are particularly susceptible, and the vaccine is strongly recommended for young cats, and all outdoor cats. It is a NON-CORE vaccine.

Additional vaccines which are available, but not recommended by our office include:

This is a potentially fatal virus, but the vaccine is minimally effective. In addition, it causes a false positive if that cat is ever tested for FIV, which could lead to euthanasia.

FIP occurs when a genetic mutation occurs to a common benign virus within an individual cat's body. We can't vaccinate against these mutations, therefore the vaccine is useless.