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avery animal hospital dog training Our behavior technician, Gretchen, graduated from Muskingum University in 1998 with a B.S. in Psychology. A love of animals then sparked an interest in pursuing veterinary medicine. In 2008, Gretchen graduated from Columbus State Community College with an Associates of Applied Science, specializing in Veterinary Technology. She has been a practicing Registered Veterinary Technician at Avery Animal Hospital since that time, although her career started at Avery in 2006. During her employment at Avery Animal Hospital, she has attended many behavior workshops and seminars, including Purdue’s Dogs! Course. Through this continuing education, Gretchen gained the desire to help people and dogs in the way of training. In 2015, she graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy’s Dog Trainer Professional course and is a KPA Certified Training Partner. https://www.karenpryoracademy.com/academics.

Currently, Gretchen is working to become certified as a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Behavior and helps Dr. Vesper with his behavior consultations. She is a member of the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians. She lives in Hilliard with her two children, two dogs and cat. Gretchen is passionate about creating healthy environments for all dogs and their people, especially children, by involving the whole family in training sessions. She is also a member of Doggone Safe, which promotes safety for dogs and children. http://www.doggonesafe.com

Gretchen is now offering adult dog classes and private training sessions, which can be done in your home or at our office. She is currently servicing the Hilliard, Dublin and Upper Arlington area (she will travel anywhere in the Columbus area for an additional fee). While working with Gretchen, you and your pet will receive a detailed training plan, handouts and updated feedback as your pet progresses. She offers help with training issues (puppy training, house training, pulling on walks, barking, jumping, etc.) and behavior modification (help with separation anxiety, fear of people and places, general anxiety, litter box issues, etc.)

If you are interested in training sessions, please download PDF Download or Word Doc Download. Fill out the questionnaire and either send it via email to behavioraah@yahoo.com or return it to the hospital. Gretchen will contact you to set a consultation and schedule your first session.

What qualifications should you be looking for when seeking out a trainer?

First and foremost, have a conversation with the trainer and make sure you are comfortable with him/her. Don’t buy into methods that make you feel uncomfortable. A good trainer should be able to adjust their methods to help you. The American College of Veterinary Behaviorist recommends that you prescreen trainers you “prescreen trainers by selecting those with a certification from an organization that espouses scientifically based, humane training techniques, such as CPDT., IAABC or KPA. Here are their recommendations on how to hire a dog trainer: How to Hire a Dog Trainer

What are the benefits of choosing Gretchen for training vs. the competitors?

  • You are not only working with a certified trainer, but a veterinary professional.
  • Your trainer will have the added benefit of being able to communicate and collaborate with our veterinarians about your dog’s behavior and wellbeing.
  • Trainer-led happy visits (in veterinary hospital) included with your training package.
  • Handling plan for vet visits are included with you training package to ensure your pet has the best care while in our hospital.
  • You are working with a trainer that uses humane training methods and has an extensive knowledge of the Learning Theory Principles.

The training prices are as follows:

We are currently offering two types of in home dog training:

General training:

Gretchen will come to your home once a week or every other week. She will instruct you how to teach your dog. This is the best way to learn how to train your own dog. These sessions generally last 60 minutes.
  • Initial consultation (30 minutes)= $50
  • Pay per session= $115*
  • 6 sessions= $600
  • 3 sessions= $350
  • Additional dog fee= $50 per package

Day training packages:

Is your dog in need of training, but you are short on time? Gretchen can come to your house and train your dog while you are at work! She will meet with you and do an initial consultation and training session to get you started. You will discuss your goals and she will come up with a detailed training plan. After that, Gretchen will work with your dog in your home three times a week. She will meet with you at the end of the week to teach you how to reinforce good behavior and maintain the training she has done. These packages also include follow up sessions to help keep these behaviors strong. This training is ideal because it's convenient and your dog gets to work in the comfort of it's own home. This is the fastest way for your dog to learn since they are working directly with a professional trainer.
  • 3 sessions a week, a transfer session with you at the end of the week and 1 follow up session = $500 (5 sessions)
  • 6 sessions in a two week period, a transfer session with you at the end of each week and 2 follow up sessions= $900 (10 sessions)
  • 4 weeks of training sessions (3 times weekly), a transfer session with you weekly and 2 follow up sessions= $1600 (that's 18 sessions!)

Dog Walking:

These will be training walks, I will train your dog how to behave properly on walks. Must complete a training package prior to starting walks.

Puppy Training:

Do you need help training your puppy? We can work on anything from house training to walking nicely on a leash and anything in between! (Puppies up to 9 months of age)

The training prices are as follows:

  • Pay per session = $85
  • 3 session package = $250

Feline Training/Behavior Modification:

I also work with our feline friends as well. I can help integrate a new cat into the household, help with litter box issues, help with anxiety issues and more.

The training prices are as follows:

  • Initial consultation = $50
  • Pay Per session = $75
  • 3 session package = $150
*Average training session lasts 50-90 minutes.
**Additional fees will be applied to travel distances further than 10 miles away from Avery Animal Hospital.

At Avery Animal Hospital, we believe in using only positive reinforcement based training methods. These methods are science based and force-free. This training is fun for your cat, and will strengthen the bond between you and your pet. We do not support the use of punitive, dominance based training. For more information on positive reinforcement methods, see Sophia Yin’s website http://drsophiayin.com/philosophy.


"Gretchen is AWESOME! She came into the chaos of our home and was so very patient and understanding, not only with our dogs but also with our son. We would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!"
-Aimee Vonderloh

"Gretchen is AWESOME to work with! My dog (Cooper) was afraid of people and things outside in the neighborhood. It was so nice that she came to my house to train around the people/things we faced every day. To me, this made a lot more sense than training in a strange place.

Cooper was timid around Gretchen at first too, but she restructured our training schedule to fit what was best for him. Instead of one hour sessions, she doubled the times she came to my house so we could train in smaller increments. This really allowed Cooper to become comfortable with Gretchen and for us to get more out of each session. By the end of it, Cooper was looking to her for comfort instead of me! (which I loved). I really appreciated her going the extra mile instead of doing the "easy" thing.

The training technique was great too. The first day she gave me everything I needed (clicker, treat bag, sample supplements). She explained the reasoning behind everything we did and it was super easy to translate to my everyday life. Everything was positive reinforcement too, which made me feel really comfortable.

I highly recommend training with Gretchen and have already started personally recommending her to my family and friends!"
- Katie Butz

If you have questions, please call the hospital at 614-876-5641 or Gretchen at 614-638-7533.